Damask Rose Organic Body Lotion

The Rose has for centuries been associated as a symbol of love and passion. This lotion is full of what is thought to be the ultimate Rose species to use in our skin care products, the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena). In order to truly appreciate all aspects of this Rose, a combination of its herbal distillate (hydrosol), Macerated oil (vegetable oil extract of a herb) and essential oil (a.k.a. Rose Otto) is used, resulting in a luxurious all over body lotion. Its use is especially indicated for people with dry and/or mature skin types.

True Lavender Organic Body Lotion

Like the Rose there are also many varieties and sub-varieties of Lavendar available.
However, experts agree that there is only one variety of Lavender that can be regarded as being
the first or "True" type (Lavandula angustifolia). It is therefore this variety of Lavender that we have selected to use in our skin care products. The resul is a truly indulgent all over body lotion
suitable for all skin types.

Neroli & Bergamot Organic Body Lotion

The heady floral notes of Neroli are combined with the zest of the Bergamot fruit to bring you a fresh and citrusy all over body lotion, especially suited to those with an oily skin type.

Unscented Organic Body Lotion

Utilizing the same high quality ingredients as our other body lotions, but without the inclusion of the essential oils, herbal distillates (hydrosol), or macerated oils, this body lotion is both simple and mild. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin and can even be used on babies.


Ginger, Juniper & Cedarwood Organic Body Milk

This balanced blend of Ginger root, Juniper berries, and Atlas Cedarwood bark is vibrant and sensual with spicy undertones. This all over body milk is ideal for after a bath or shower and is recommended for use by people with an oily skin type.

Sandalwood, Spikenar & Sage Organic Body Milk

Using Australian Sandalwood essential oil (fair trade) and Spikenard root essential oil combined with the essential oil, herbal distillate (hydrosol), and macerated oil from the Red Sage Leaf, this all over body milk is woody and masculine. It's suitable for people with a dry skin type.


True Lavendar Organic Facial Serum

A highly concentrated moisturizing serum using the herbal distillate (hydrosol), macerated oil, and essential oil of True Lavendar. The result is a truly indulgent facial serum suitable for those with sensitive skin types.

Damask Rose and Neroli Organic Facial Serum

By combinding Damask Rose and Neroli a unique blend is achieved. This not only has a pleasant aroma, but is also highly effect on dry skin types.

Vanilla Organic Facial Serum

Formulated for use by both men and women, the subtle sweet scent obtained from the Vanilla pods (Vanilla planifolia) is both comforting and indulgent. Suitable for all skin types.

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