Sustainable Domes create residential infrastructure product that serve the mission of fostering sustainability on our planet.  We are using high performance green building materials derived from as many renewable or recycled sources as possible.  Our business practices incorporate sustainable design principles like biomimicry, work to preserve natural capital resources and utilizing cutting-edge green building methods.  Sustainable Domes are made to protect the families that live in them and preserve the planet that we live on. 

Top 5 Reasons for Sustainable Domes

Strength: Geodesic domes distribute the stress loads across the entire structure, as opposed to the right angles of typical box structures, which gives them incredible structural strength.  In addition, geodesic domes are the only man-made structure that gets proportionally stronger as it increases in size.  Sustainable domes are made of high performance materials like basalt and magnesium oxide giving them structural integrity similar to structures like precast concrete and monolithic domes.          

Ease of Assembly: Sustainable dome structures are made of lightweight, triangular shaped, structurally insulated panels (SIPs) designed for rapid assembly, making them buildable as quickly as one day by a small crew.  The building process for a sustainable dome reduces construction time by 50%, or more; thus, reducing labor costs, limiting subcontracting requirements and eliminating the likelihood of incidental injuries resulting from the construction phase.    

Affordability: Sustainable dome components are manufactured in a specialized factory, utilizing high performance green building materials and a proprietary panelized design which makes them significantly more affordable than site-built structures.  In addition, these dwellings have limited long-term maintenance and high energy efficiency; thus, reducing long-term costs.                        

Disaster Resistance:
Sustainable domes are aerodynamic, eliminate roof and truss structures and are made of high-performance green materials designed to withstand considerable wind loads from severe storms like tornados, hurricanes and typhoons.  In addition, due to their high structural integrity, they perform extremely well in such natural disasters as earthquakes, floods and severe wind storms.  Finally, sustainable domes are made of high performance, non-combustible, green materials that are tested and proven to be fire-proof, insect-proof and mold resistant. 

Sustainability: Our dwellings are designed for high energy efficiency, resistance to natural and man-made disasters, eliminate the use of wood from primary forests, utilize building materials with low embodied energy, incorporate recycled&renewable materials wherever possible, have no VOCs or toxicity; and importantly, integrate with sustainable technologies for renewable energy production&storage, clean water, fresh air, organic food production and efficient wastewater management.  Homes are made to protect the families that live in them and preserve the natural capital of the planet that we live on. 


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