Office Gudni Gudnason is a company dedicated to helping bring products from the past into the hands of those of us here in the future.

Many plants and herbs have long been recognised for their healing effects. The specially selected Icelandic herbs in all our products are hand-picked from the pure, untainted environment. Today we are a thriving industry, with lovingly formulated salves largely derived from traditional Icelandic remedies, passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation over hundreds of years.

Add our own unique expertise with the fresh, organic herbs and the result is a delightful and soothing range of ointments and salves.

We take great care to gather only the healthiest herbs in peak condition, herbs which come from good soil that is blessed with plenty of clean water and unpolluted air. This passion for purity has been recognized with an international organic certification.

Our products contain no preservatives and no added fragrances or colour.

Our salves have an organic certification from Tun, the Icelandic organic certification organisation. Tun regulates and supervises the certification of organic production of agricultural and natural products. Tun’s regulations are in accordance with Icelandic and European legislation on organic issues.

Certified organic products must meet exacting requirements concerning a product’s ingredients and origin. Products with at least 95% organic ingredients can be certified as organic, yet the term "organic" may be used only by certified producers. If the quantity of organic ingredients is less than 95%, but the product contains a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, it can be labelled "made with organic ingredients".

All salves from us and our partners are 100% certified organic.

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From the works of ancient alchemy to the cauldrons of shamanism, we offer creams and other products that are all natural and sure to satisfy the senses.

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We are about more than products. Our goal is to provide you the best eco-friendly solutions from around the world. Working in industries to develop new and sustainable methods of working, we have collectively established ourselves at the forefront of green society.

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